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What applications are the UAVs mainly used for?

  • Emergency commanding、fire rescue、events、power line inspection、manhunt and so on.

What is the maximum altitude?

  • 5 km

What kind of battery of Keweitai UAV adopt? Time of endurance?

  • It depends on model,form 45min to 70min indefinite.

What is the maximum payload?

  • It depends on model, from 2.5kg to 6 kg indefinite.

Whether to support the night shooting mode?

  • Yes.

Does the UAV support real time video transmission? How long distance?

  • Our UAV is equipped with professional real-time image transmission equipment, transmission distance more than 10 km.

Wireless Video Transmission FAQ

Is that possible to get 100km transmit distance?

  • Yes, it is possible. Contact with our sales engineer to get more information.

Can your system be encrypted?

  • Sure, our system can be encrypted for data transmission safety.

What is the power output of the system?

  • We have a wide range of transmission system from 0dbm to 43dbm power output. Such as mini low power output transmitter for covert mission, high power output vehicle transmitter for long range transmission. Please contact with our sales engineer to get the right system for your project.

Can we change the frequency if there is interference?

  • A special frequency adjuster (tuner) is offered to the system, and then the user is allowed to change the frequency by 1 MHz step within 40M-100 MHz

What frequency does your microwave transmission system work?

  • UHF from 300M to 2400M

Could users make video recording?

  • Yes. All our receivers built in DVR which supports real time video recording.

How long can I get your reply after i send you any questions?

  • You can get the answer within 12hour; you can also try to chat on Skype with our sales manager

There are too many transmission systems in your website, how can I find the right system for my project?

  • Email to our salesman, or chat online, they will offer you professional suggestion

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