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KeWeitai Attended 2017 13th Turkey (Istanbul) International Defense Exhibition

Date:6/16/2017 05:54:46 PM

Keweitai Attended 2017 13th Turkey (Istanbul) International Defense Exhibition in 9th-12th May. The exhibition began in 1993, is the highest professional exhibition in Turkey. Over the years It has been supported by more than a dozen government departments as well as many associations, chambers of commerce, media, industry giants, so with rapid growth, significant effect.




We displayed our own brand ALLTECH UAV and full HD transmitter product series. KWT-X6L/X6M is a professional drone, with plug-in quick release structure, equipped with full HD 1080i/p real time video transmission, supporting manual precision control and autonomous flight, up to 60mins flying under maximum endurance. In addition, KWT-X6L/X6M is able to carry multiple payloads and work at 4000m/5000m altitude. Our drones have good performance in wind resistance and can be used in heavy weather. Nowadays, keweitai UAV has been used in many field, such as distress detection, the border patrol, search rescue, pavement monitor, geography mapping, power inspection, forest fire prevention.

KeWeitai UAV has high quality, highly stable and flexible features, safe and easy to use, hope that our UAV can contribute to the safety and stability of the world.

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