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KeWeitai Attended the second Shenzhen International UAV EXPO 2017

Date:6/29/2017 02:00:05 PM

The second Shenzhen International UAV EXPO 2017, hosted together by the Chinese Drone Industry Association and Shenzhen Drone Industry Association, had a grand opening in the 7th and 8th Hall of Shenzhen Convention Center on June 23, 2017 morning. The Expo lasted for three days with more than 110 exhibitors showing all kinds drones related products in the 15 thousand square meters hall. During the Expo such various industry exchange meetings as Chinese Police UAV Application Innovation Forum, Chinese Agriculture Aerial Development Forum, Chinese International UAV Forum, Chinese UAV Fly Control Technology with Airport Security Forum and so on. Shenzhen Keweitai Enterprise Development Co,.ltd (Shorten as Keweitai)had attended the exhibition with SPELL UAV series and UAV interference system rifle. With the full realization of the essence of SPELL concept, namely Safety, Professional, Easy, Long endurance and Long distance. Keweitai’s UAV attracted rows of visitors from both domestic and overseas. The excellent design with high performance and unique appearance make them great popular and be the exhibition star UAV.



Keweitai is very much honored to invite leaders of Chinese Ministry of Pubic Security Police Aerial Management Office to our booth. After listening to the detailed explain of Keweitai’s latest new released vertical take-off and land fixed wing KWT-GX350 UAV, the leaders gave highly praise and approval on Keweitai’s achievements in industrial drones which has been used in all kinds of applications, and expressed great hope on keweitai’s future innovation and developments.

As a kind of latest new released industrial UAV, KWT-GX350 vertical take-off and land fixed wing UAV can be used in such bad and poor areas as deck, narrow place, mountain, hills, jungle , as well as the building dense areas and so on. It greatly combines the strengths of fixed wing drone like long flight time, high speed and far flight distance with the features of multi rotors such as vertical take off and land. Such robust designs make it fast take off and land without professional runway with auto flight all the whole process.


Adopting the fault-tolerant flight control algorithm, KWT-X6L/M industrial drone features for motor or propellers lose effect protect. The standard big capacity dual battery for power supply and detection make the flight time lasts for long 1 hours powered by battery with excellent dynamic redundancy characteristics. The flight distance more than 40km have greatly improved the effective range and applications, which propels its important role in rescue and relief use. It is the star of the booth that receives most visitors for consultancy about it.


Recently with the popular use of UAV, civil UAV’s ” Unapproved fly” has always been the focus news. In order to make effective management of the civil UAV, CAAS has released the regulation to guarantee the registration of real name for UAV owners. Under such situation, keweitai leads the fashion by releasing the latest self R&D new anti drone rifle- UAV tri-band anti drone gun that has aroused great interest of visitors.

Anti drone rifle is a kind of multiband device which sends high-power electromagnetic wave that used to interfere with UAV flight and force the remote low-altitude drone to drop, fly to home place or to land stably. By triggering the rifle, it disturbs the GPS location and breaks the video transmission control link of UAV instantly to achieve the effective control of “Unapproved fly”. Its portable gun all-in-one design with robust strength and fast use features make its easy start by one triggering after battery assembly. Multi antennas and multi-bands frequency works simultaneous in the front end of gun, which enables the effective control range more than 1000 meters. The tripod makes longtime watching much easier, which facilitates it popular in such no-fly zones as airport, prison and military areas and so on. What is more, it is very convenient to guarantee the activities going safely and orderly in the important security areas and urban management sites.

As the leading in industrial drone, Keweitai has always committed to the best solutions of professional UAV and wireless mobile video transmission system for Armed police, Ministry of Public Security and all kinds of industry users for more than 20 years since its foundation in 1997. Supported by the rich experience in wireless communication and video coding and encoding technology areas, Keweitai’s self R&D industrial UAV has the superb strengths of long flight time, big payload, far distance, all weather work and so on. It has received the great good comments from all industry users after the key mission of emergency command, surveillance and patrol, broadcasting TV, fire fighting, anti-terrorism and so on.

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