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Contend for the drones logistics and wait for the related control policies in China

Writer:AliceDate:7/13/2017 06:13:43 PM

SF Express has successfully achieved the first Drones logistics Certificate in China after four years overall arrangement. A few days ago, the drones flight aerial areas covering 5 villages and towns in Jiangxi province have been approved by the Civil Aerial Department. Nowadays, SF Express company is the first logistics company to do the trial of using drones to delivery goods.

It is reported that besides SF express company , other big enterprises like JD,  Suning and Chinapost also contend for the layout of drones logistics. Among which, Jingdong group will cooperate with the government of Shanxi province to build the first  low altitude drone logistics network operation base in Shanxi district, China.

Some experts think the fact that SF Express get the legal fly right is meaningful than the trial of delivery goods by drones. As an important part of smart logistics, drones logistics is developing greatly in the future with its advantage of  low cost. However, it is still a long way to go for the commercialized operation of drone logistics since China is lack of related industry standards and policy of low altitude aerial areas control.

To be the first

It takes SF about 6 years from forwarding the drones logistics conception to finally getting legal flight rights.

It is reported that SF funder Mr.Wangwei had raised the idea of drones logistics as early as 2012 and already operated related trail work in 2013. It is until 2017 that Manta Ray vertical take-off and landing fixed wing drone, self researched and developed by SF come to the World. And SF gets the first drones logistics legal flight rights in July, 2017.

Cost advantage

As a part of smart drones, drones logistics is effective to figure the big problem of “Last one km” in  west China area and remote mountainous  regions.  In fact, “Last one km” is not the namely last one kilometer to  the customer, but a relative short distance from logistics picking up center to the customer. Though it is a short distance, it is great important and meaningful in user experience.

It is known that limited to the geographic features, the delivery cost in China middle-west areas and mountainous regions is much higher than the cost in east areas. Besides, compared with users in China east areas, the users in west and mountainous regions  are dispersed with low scale group which is great market for  agricultural and sideline products.

It will bring new profits to the company when use the drones to finish the  delivery  of” Last one km” by  the improving  the delivery efficiency and cutting down the logistics cost. It is reported that delivery by drones will help save 80% of time especially in heavy traffic jam cities and in remote mountainous areas.

Guard and control problem

Experts share their ideas about the future drones logistics development prospect and market scale. It is estimated that there are over 300 drones company in Shenzhen, China, which has occupied  70% of worldwide civil drone market share. According to the related analysis, there will be a great increased market scale in the future 10 years.

All in all, it requires the related standards and policy to control the new market. Open and share is the future development direction for drones logistics. China should take a active part in making the standards in ID creation, UAV following and finding and route design and so on  with the aim of bringing the healthy development for drones logistics. At the same time, it is also the common goal and principles of the whole industry.

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