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Cute enough: Japan’s new sphere drone, taking photos on space station in place of astronauts

Date:7/20/2017 11:50:00 AM

As reported by American media on July 18th that Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency( JAXA) has published a video showing its new developed sphere drone ”Int-Ball” and its floating status on International Space Station.


As a small size sphere drone with diameter of 15cm, weighting only about 1 kg, ”Int-Ball” works through remote control by Ground Control Board. With built-in 12 sets of mini fans in its body frame, ”Int-Ball” drone is able to fly and take photography at the same time. Besides the high quality camera, there still exist built-in ultrasonic sensor, position camera, super mini posture control units. Once receiving the commands from ground end, it will shoot film animation and still image easily, and transmit the real-time image back to ground. 


According to the JAXA views, ”Int-Ball” drone makes a big help in reducing astronauts’ shooting time which usually occupies 10% of work time, thus increasing more experiment time for astronauts and enhancing the effective cooperation between space team and ground members. After brought to International Space Station by SpaceX “Dragon” on June 5th, Int-Ball is on the stage of test to make sure its image and video recording functions work well under the control of JAXA aerospace center. At the same time, Int-Ball will be a partner of the increasing space robots family together with the change-over switch developed by NASA, Robonuat who is able to finish simple walk task and Kirobo who can make dialogues with astronauts. 


 JAXA makes a statement that Int-Ball drone is not only able to assist astronauts, but also to lead the development of cooperation between space robots and human kinds in future space exploration.

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