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Paramilitary police using Keweitai drone to survey the situation after earthquake in Sichuan province of China

Source:Sina.com Date:8/9/2017 02:04:41 PM

Jiuzhaigou Ms 7.0 earthquake happened in Jiuzhaigou county, Aba prefecture, sichuan province, China at 21:19 August 8th, 2017.


Officials of Jiuzhaigou Armed Police Forest Squadron has attended the rescue on the scene on August 9, 2017. They have been divided into three groups to make the rescue, among which group one in charge of on site rescue, protecting the injured people; Group two is responsible for evacuating the tourists safely and orderly; while the third group setting up tents and giving out rescue goods for the masses.


On the morning of August 9, 2017, officials of Jiuzhaigou Armed Police Forest Squadron has used keweitai industrial drone KWT-X6L to spy on the road collapse situation. The fairy pool truing section of No. 301 provincial road is the most serious collapse one which has blocked up-and-down cars.





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