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Kewetai drones help solve criminal case

Date:8/17/2017 05:18:30 PM

Qinzhou Public Security Bureau(PSB) has successfully solved a murder case by using Keweitai Unmanned Aerial Vehicle( UAV) system at 19:00 June 28th , 2017. Once receiving the murder case calling, polices of Qinzhou PSB UAV team arrived at the scene immediately. The live scene panorama drawn by UAV has largely reduced the searching range, playing a significant role for police’s deploy of searching work.


During the nighttime of June 28th to the morning of 29th , the key areas have been all-out checked and analyzed over and over again by using the infrared thermal camera mounted on UAV. At the same time, the police persuades the murderer to give in all the time by using the unit of air louder speaker with light alarming mounted on the UAV.


The live scene panorama captured by UAV

It is longtime activity with great effort. Using the vehicle command van to charge for the battery continuously, the UAV hovers at the mountain area for a long time by real-time transmitting the video and images of the front scene back to the command car on the spot, as well as back to the PSB command center. The clear video and image from the front scene provides real evidence for the command critical decision.


Field site

At 23:30 June 29th, the suspect has been caught on the hillside of east zhangjiayu countryside. At present, the murder case has stepped into further investigation.


KWT-X6L used for spy on the suspect on the scene

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