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Keweitai drone real use for Nanning Custom Fighting Smuggling

Date:8/24/2017 06:37:04 PM

Do you know anti-smuggling police?

They are the real war wolfs who need to fighting smuggling by using their wits and courage.


KWT-X6L has been used for fighting smuggling crimes by Nanning Custom Anti-smuggling Bureau of People’s Republic of China. Located at the south west of Guangxi province, Nanning sits near the border between China and Vietnam. Keweitai drones offer stable high technology for the enforcement of the border crossing.



Keweitai industrial drone KWT-X6L/X6M features for fast free tool assembly, equipped with high definition wireless transmission system, supporting precision control by hand and auto flight; More than 65 minutes long flight time with wind tolerance up to 14m/s. What is more, it remains good wind tolerance performance and certain rain proof features. All the above unique strong advantages make it widely use in such various areas as danger detection, technical surveillance, board patrol, search and rescue raids, road monitoring, geological surveying and mapping, electric inspection, forest fire prevention and earthquake rescue and so on.

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