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Keweitai industrial drone attended the Joint Maneuver” Gubian-2017” Co-held by China, Russia and Mongolia

Date:8/25/2017 02:16:12 PM





KWTT-X6M was on a spy mission in maneuver


According to CCTV news report, the Joint Maneuver namely” Gubian-2017” Co-held by the Frontier departments of China, Russia and Mongolia achieved a full results in on the morning of 24th, Aug, 2017 in the suburb of Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, China. Under the present worldwide increasingly trends of fighting terrorists, the maneuver was set on combating terrorists who attempt to make collusion to smuggle arms and ammunition on the border of China, Russia and Mongolia. Many issues have been held by the three countries’ frontier departments such as their common commanding and control, share the information together, communication and cooperation about the frontier border checking work. What is more, many real soldier drill subjects have been practiced, such as uav three dimensional air spy the targets, helicopter gunshot interception, indoors hunting, outsides captures and so on.


Among the above subjects, keweitai industrial drone KWTT-X6M undertook the tasks of real time surveillance and air spy the targets, which offered important evidence for commanders to make critical decisions. Keweitai industrial drones feature for high technology with good performance, playing a key role in Chinese frontier defense.

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