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Police Drone Cluster of Chinese Ministry of Public Security first started by Keweitai industrial drones

Date:8/25/2017 05:06:06 PM

A comprehensive real exercise aimed at celebrating the 19th Party Congress and showing loyalty to the Party and safeguarding peace was carried out by Shandong Ministry of Public Security carried out in Jinan on Aug.25th. Secretary of a provincial Party Committee Mr. Liu Jiayi attended and made a speech at the exercise. Deputy secretary of the provincial committee and governor Mr.Gong zheng also was present at the exercise. As the representatives of Shandong 1.2 million public security police and soldiers in service, more than 6000 participants attended the exercise.


Keweitai had displayed its industrial multi-rotors drone as drone cluster in this exercise. The police drone cluster is the first use case for Chinese Ministry of Public Security. With all drones auto fly and cooperative combat, Keweitai industrial drones cluster came to a successful completion of air spy and investigation. Several key breakthroughs have been made by Keweitai R&D center, such as drone cluster colony, communication, cooperation between drones, control the drones from ground end, high accuracy positioning and so on. Nowadays keweitai industrial drones cluster ranks at top level in China, realizing the quantity of more than 50 sets of multi-rotors drone cluster.


As the drones autonomation and networking communication technology develops, drones application modes have been increasingly various. Restricted to the limited detecting ability, payloads and so on, one drone alone is hard to undertake the more complicated tasks. However, multiple drones greatly change this situation by drones sharing incluster through communication, expanding the surrounding perception and realizing collaborative tasks collation and coordination. At present, drone cluster features for low cost, big scale and multi functions compared with traditional team cluster. What is more, it has excellent auto control and smart making decision ability, which makes it widely popular in military field. Besides, drone cluster can be used for surveillance, intelligence gathering, scientific investigation, disaster rescue and so on.


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