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Aerial survey

Date:1/9/2017 11:31:23 AM

Full-feature operational training is part of the SPELL UAV system. The 15-day training program covers all aspects of operation and maintenance, among numerous other topics. We supply all customers with comprehensive user manuals, and we offer after-training customer support at customers' locations.


Unmanned aerial vehicle has flexible reaction, broad field of vision and can achieve live transmission of image, which makes it being widely used in the fields of land survey, mineral resource survey, railway, expressway construction survey and the like.

In the field of territorial resources sensing survey, unmanned aerial vehicle has the advantages of low cost and small risk; operator can conveniently control the flight line and height of the unmanned aerial vehicle; the interested key region can be repeatedly detected to obtain enough resource data.



Panoramic photography via KWT-X6M UAV fitted with panorama camera



Oblique photography modeling via KWT-X6M UAV fitted with oblique camera


In the field of mineral resources survey, unmanned aerial vehicle can remote-sense mineral products mining position of the mine lot, mining state, mining types, land types, mine eco-environment and other information, so as to provide rich essential data for mineral planning and development.



In thefield of railways and highways construction survey, unmanned aerial vehiclemakes use of the remote sensing image for the interpretation of geology andhydrology, which plays a good role for the line selection in the early stage ofrailway/highway construction and the debris flow, collapse and landslide surveyin later works.


Atpresent, China has planned to survey and inspect seacoast and borders of thecountry in 11 provinces via unmanned aerial vehicle. China has a vast territoryand complex terrain, unmanned aerial vehicle is bound to usher in a wider andwider stage.

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