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Marine Affairs

Date:1/8/2017 05:06:07 PM

Unmanned aerial vehicle transmits the scene information to the information processing analysis system of ground station via wireless data transmission link through loading different task equipment, and at the same time, the ground station re-transmits target information to command center or sends to the nearby law-enforcement ship directly via wireless data transmission link for quick reaction to fulfill the task.


1. Maritime law enforcement
Exercise safeguard
Border defense anti-smuggling
Routine patrol
Security control
Investigation and evidence collection



2. Maritime search and rescue
Ship rescue
Materials delivery
Accident location
Mooring rope delivery



3. Marine environmental protection
Oil spill monitoring
Pollution discharge monitoring
Emergency action
Animal protection


4. Navigation mark routing inspection
Navigation mark routing inspection
Lighthouse ice age supply


5. Aerial photograph mapping
Ocean engineering drawing
Route planning
Scientific investigation



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