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Forest fire prevention

Date:3/9/2017 11:30:51 AM

Forest has always enjoyed the reputation of "the lung of the earth"; capable of greatly absorbing CO2 and constantly producing O2 demanded by our human beings, and it is the rare precious wealth for us. However, forest fire can burn up large stretches of forest within a short time to destroy these precious resources. Forest fire would not only cause huge losses to forest resources and residents' life &property, but also would bring extensive and profound influence to state politics, economy, military affairs, zoology and other various aspects.

Unmanned aerial vehicle medium-low altitude monitoring system is characterized in flexibility, quickness, low cost, simple maintenance and operation, etc., it has the ability to rapidly and real-timely inspect and monitor the ground and it is a novel medium-low altitude real-time television imaging and infrared imagery fast acquisition system. It has unique advantages in the aspects of resources and environment monitoring, forest fire monitoring and rescue commanding in the vehicle/people unavailable area.


I. Daily forest fire prevention patrol


II. Flow of forest fire prevention
1. Quick positioning fire point.
2. Fast determination of fire behavior.
3. To provide the optimum evacuation route for fire fighting forces.


III. Capable of effectively improving the maneuvering and search-and-rescue efficiency via loading different external loads
1. Uncooled dual channel infrared imager special for UAV;
2. High-resolution digital camera;
3. High-definition digital video;
4. Supplies delivery equipment;
5. Others: broadcasting, lighting and radio repeater.

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