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Date:1/9/2018 04:40:47 PM

UAV mounted with high sensible camera enables to take uninterrupted pictures and transmit the acquired information and images back to the ground, which is widely used for anti-terror and security maintenance. In face of sudden events and catastrophic violence, the real time site video and image offer a scientific decision and judgment for commanders, which makes it an invaluable tool. Public security policeman’s response, decision making and evaluation efficiency are further improved with the public security information construction process forwarding ahead.

1. Monitoring on target building against terrorism and emergency

The drone can take off quickly and make 360°Omni surveillance on target buildings. The drone takes the images at low altitude and transmit back the criminal numbers, scale, causalities to the command center where the commanders make rational arrangement for police, ambulance man, firefighters according to the above information. By the way, the drone makes incessant monitoring on the target and transmits the criminal dynamics back to command center, offering a perfect cooperation with the policeman’s fast and accurate arresting activities.

2. Emergent burst violence incident

When the city monitoring device out of service, the drone can enter into some dangerous areas to finish a series of complex surveillance tasks. It can take continuous pictures of live scenes, serving as the first hand valuable materials for policeman.



3. Riot search problem

The drone can track and monitor the fugitives who try every ways to run away. If mounted with thermal infrared camera device, the drone can be used to monitor the criminals at night and even make scanned search of the suspects hidden in the woods. The escaped route will be transmitted by the drone to policeman in advance to improve the policeman’s arrest speed and accuracy.

4. Crowd gathering and disturbance incident

The drone files above the target area for an all-directional and continuous monitoring, offering a precondition for the police to master the comprehensive situation. The police can make proof to the responsible party according to the materials from the drone. If mounted with air-drop release unit, the drone can release special goods such as leaflets forwarding messages to the ground people. If added with air louder speaker, the drone can be used for air propaganda passing on government messages.




5. Mass gathering monitoring

The drone can make air monitoring on the target place with HD images by flying to any target areas quickly and to search ground suspicious people flexibly, cars, serving as a powerful air intelligence. The video image can be real time transmitted back to command center for a full master of the scene. Once there is emergency, the drone will detect in the first time, which improves the emergency dispose efficiency.

6. Mass gathering monitoring

The drone can make investigation on the target areas in advance based on the basic information to confirm the rescue objects’ geographical position and situation, offering intelligence assurance for following rescue work after.


1. Gather field data, transmit the filed video and audio information back to command center, follow the incident development posture, offering judgment and decision for commander. The drone added with camera can make fast monitoring on the field from multi-angle wide range, serving as an irreplaceable role that can’t be compared by other normal surveillance equipments.


2.Spread leaflets to express message to the crowd in the state of media failure. In some crowd unrest case, it is hard to control the scene because of massive crowd who are easy to be irrational. In necessity, the drone can be used to release leaflets to forward messages to the crowd, lead the crowd to cooperate with government’s rescue effort; or release disperse device to drive away the protesters.


3.Aerial propaganda to forward leader’s words, and to express policeman intention. There exists uncertainty to sudden events. If normal propaganda tool is inaccessible to make communication with crowds, the drone with amplification system can be used for forwarding correct guidance of public opinion orientation.


4.Communication repeater to keep monitoring area’s data transmission link. The emergent police communication device requires to rent satellite route in advance. The complex declaration formalities and the lagging signal to command center caused by many tall buildings will forge the decision lagging. On contrast, the drone added with small communication devices serves as low altitude satellite that forms uninterrupted signal connection to the ground and enables a timely and detailed police intelligence to the communication system.

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