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Date:3/9/2017 11:30:32 AM

Atpresent, the total distance of land petroleum in our country has been up to12,000 miles, oil and gas pipeline is very long and frequently across bog,desert, ridge, forest and other complex region, artificial line walking ofpetroleum pipe line suffers great difficulty.



ChinaNational Petroleum Corporation has successfully applied unmanned aerial vehicleline walking into West-East natural gas transmission, Haerbin-Shenyang pipelineand the like. In the survey and design stage, unmanned aerial vehicle can beused for route selection of pipeline, estimation and application, fundamentaldata collection, etc., in construction stage, unmanned aerial vehicle aerialimage can be used to comprehensively know construction progress, fieldmaterials storage and other condition, in the pipeline running stage, unmannedaerial vehicle can be used for pipeline patrol to supervise the debris flow,landslide, landslide, soil-water protection and pipeline occupation aroundpipeline, in the emergency maintenance and repairing operation of pipeline,unmanned aerial vehicle can be used for monitoring the site of accident. Inaddition, unmanned aerial vehicle can be positively applied in the aspects ofoil exploration, oil and gas leakage. As the high and new technology integratedwith multiple specialties, unmanned aerial vehicle are characterized in smallvolume, flexibility, low cost, simple maintenance and the like, and it has theability of high altitude, long distance, quickness and self-operation, it iscapable of carrying out rapid line walking to power transmission, oiltransportation and gas transmission line, and rapidly obtaining space remotesensing information of the landform, and it can be used for pipelineinspection, landform survey, optimized line selection, pipeline leak pointpositioning, disaster monitoring and other aspects, which protects the safetyof oil and gas pipeline.


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