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    • Forest Fire Prevention

    • Summary:

      The drone is mainly used for forest fire prevention daily surveillance, monitori...

    • Published:2018-01-17
    • Environment Protection

    • Summary:

      UAV remote system features for low cost, high security, high mobility and resolu...

    • Published:2018-01-16
    • Criminal Investigation

    • Summary:

      In order to adapt to the new situation of criminal investigation and to enhance ...

    • Published:2018-01-15
    • Maritime Affairs

    • Summary:

      Through wireless data transmission link, the drone with different mission payloa...

    • Published:2018-01-12
    • Emergency commanding

    • Summary:

      Our country has a vast territory, earthquake, flood, drought and other disaster ...

    • Published:2018-01-11
    • Anti-terror

    • Summary:

      Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has the advantage of low cost, easy to manipulate,...

    • Published:2018-01-09
    • Power Line Inspection

    • Summary:

      Drone technology is increasingly mature with the economy developing and technolo...

    • Published:2018-01-04
    • Frontier Defense

    • Summary:

      The drone is widely used for not only anti-terror, drugs, smuggling and so on sp...

    • Published:2018-01-02
    • Published:2017-08-28
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