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    • Utilities and Energy

    • Summary:

      Atpresent, the total distance of land petroleum in our country has been up to12,...

    • Published:2017-03-09
    • Anti-terror

    • Summary:

      Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has the advantage of low cost, easy to manipulate,...

    • Published:2017-03-09
    • Forest fire prevention

    • Summary:

      Forest has always enjoyed the reputation of "the lung of the earth"; capable of ...

    • Published:2017-03-09
    • Emergency commanding

    • Summary:

      Our country has a vast territory, earthquake, flood, drought and other disaster ...

    • Published:2017-03-09
    • Powerline inspection

    • Summary:

      Our country has a vast territory and complex terrain, power grid construction is...

    • Published:2017-01-10
    • Aerial survey

    • Summary:

      Full-feature operational training is part of the SPELL UAV system. The 15-day tr...

    • Published:2017-01-09
    • Marine Affairs

    • Summary:

      Unmanned aerial vehicle transmits the scene information to the information proce...

    • Published:2017-01-08
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