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Body Worn Video Transmitter
产品名称: Tri-band Anti Drone Rifle KWT-FZQ

Tri-band Anti Drone Rifle



Anti drone rifle is a kind of multiband device which sends high-power electromagnetic wave that used to interfere with UAV flight and force the remote low-altitude drone to drop, fly to home place or to land stably. By triggering the rifle, it disturbs the GPS location and breaks the video transmission control link of UAV instantly to achieve the effective control of “Unapproved fly”.

○ Full range cover within three frequency section and high power transmission helps to achieve the ideal effects

○ Fast trigger, easy use and daughter switch design make control more ease and comfort

○ Dual lithium batteries for power supply last work time more longer

○ Portable gun all-in-one design with robust strength and fast use features make its easy start by one triggering after battery assembly

○ The strong internal line connector and external fuses port make the whole vehicle and component parts fastened securely

○ All aluminum alloy case body design and glass fiber material for antenna cover make its appearance more light and fast

○ The tripod makes longtime watching much easier

○ Popular in such no-fly zones as airport, prison and military areas and so on

Appearance dimension :(mm)L×W×H,1323mm×403mm×341 mm,Weight: 5.3kg±0.3kg

Power supply
Working voltage V
Working current A
Work time
Radio Frequency
Work frequency range MHz
(1550±5) MHz~(1620±5)MHz,(2400±5) MHz~(2483±5)MHz,(5725±5) MHz~(5852±5)MHz
Output power dBm
Out of band rejectiondiv
Specification & environment
Working temperature
Storage temperature