Technical Support:





Carbon fiber process engineer


1、College degree or above, major in polymer / plastic / Composites;
2、Understanding of carbon fiber composite materials processing technology, familiar with the vacuum, winding, molding process;
3、Master the characteristics and application of resin technology and molding process characteristics;
4、Be familiar with composite material forming process, familiar with related equipment is preferred;
5、Independent writing plan process standard, practical work hard, patience, sense of responsibility。



Graphic design / Art


1、Responsible for the company's daily propaganda, planning and design;
2、The reservation, design, and Exhibition responsible for commercial exhibitions and events.;
3、Responsible for commercial advertising design, production and business contacts;
4、Assist other departments to complete the design and aesthetics;
5、Responsible for printing design, material and printing;
6、Other matters assigned by superior.


Job requirements:
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in advertising, graphic design or related;
2、Skilled use of Photoshop, illustrator, Coreldrew and other design software;
3、Active thinking, have very strong promotion planning and solid writing skills, analytical thinking, writing fluency;
4、There is a sense of responsibility, integrity, enthusiasm, initiative;
5、Good team player, good communication and cooperation with colleagues。
6、Please bring your recent interview


UAV Control Algorithm Engineer


1、Bachelor degree or above, 985, 211 institutions preferred, automation control is preferred。
2、At least 2 years related working experience, familiar with PID, C, C++, embedded development experience。
3、Familiar with STM32 or other ARM kernel chip, proficient in SPI, I2C, CAN interface。
4、Familiar with embedded software design methods, experience in program architecture design, in-depth study of software modularity and portability。
5、Experience in motor drive design or robot development is a plus. Good sense of teamwork。

Please email your resume:mingfu.li@keweitai.com
Interview address: Lixia District Garden Zhuang Dong Lu Ji'nan Da Sheng Xin Yuan Building 3, 1605



windows C/C++software engineer


1、Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electronic communication;
2、Skilled use of VC/C++ programming, C/S architecture development experience;
3、be familiar withwindows APIprogramming MFCprogramming;windows comComponent principle,DirectShow Development experience is preferred;
4、Familiar with software engineering,
5、Familiar with TCP/IP protocol, familiar with network communication technology, network programming and multi-threaded programming experience is preferred;
6、The project development process, the development of documentation;
7、Intermediate or senior programmer certificate is preferred;

Other requirements:
1、Good personal and team work skills;
2、Good ability to plan and plan tasks. Perform assigned tasks on time and with high quality;
3、Good communication and presentation skills.


Technical Support Engineer (Kunming Office)



Technical support engineer

1、Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or related;
2、There are technical service related work experience is preferred, can adapt to travel overseas; proactive, responsible, good team spirit;
3、Be familiar with security and microwave communication products, understand the network protocol, and be familiar with analog and digital applications;
5、Driving license, driving experience is preferred。
Interested parties can go directly to the office of the interview
Contact person: Mr. Gao:0871--64183303
Location: Xichang city Kunming Road No. 33 central Belvedere B Building 2 unit 1803 room