[CCTV12] Intelligent fire rescue,How can Alltech’s UAVs play an important role in intelligent fire fighting&rescue?

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A special TV program named 《Emergency moment》 in the column 《Lifeline》 broadcast in  the channel CCTV12 dated Dec. 29th,2019.There was a fire disaster broken out in a mountain of Yangfang,Beijing on Oct. 31st

The forest fire station of emergency management responded rapidly as soon as they received alarming calls,it took only 5 minutes to dispatch 360 firemen in 3 batches to the fire scene for fire fighting.

Besides,Alltech’s UAV systems worked together with firefighters and played an important role during this battle.

How could Alltech’s UAV systems play an important role in firefighting?

Due to complex landform and out-of-control fire,it was very difficult to observe and monitor the fire behavior from the ground.At that time,it needed so much there would be an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle providing aerial vision for the fire behavior.


Alltech’s UAVs flied close up to the fire site,locked the fire points and took ortho-image,sent back on-site pictures/videos to commanding center in real time.The collected data would be crucial for decision-making of firefighting.It took around 4 hours to finish fire fighting.Thanks to the drone’s cooperation,they successfully grasped the overall situation in the shortest time and then made quick decision.


Regarding the role of UAV systems during fire fighting,Dr. Ji explained in details in the TV show.According to Dr. Ji ‘s points,UAV systems were widely used during the whole process of disaster rescue,not only for disaster monitoring & prewarning,but also for disaster reconnaissance & rescue protection/ post-disaster evaluation... Besides,he also pointed out future trend of fire fighting UAV systems.

  1. AI technology.UAV systems would be more and more intelligent;
  2. Network. 5G technology would be used in UAV systems to realize remote management and dispatch.
  3. Systematization.There would be different kinds of UAV systems according to different missions.
  4. Application.Deeply developed UAV’s functions and increased drone pilots expertise,which would increase UAV systems working effectiveness.
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